Welcome to the Known World Fiber Arts Symposium

Thank you to everyone who showed up for the first Known World Fiber Arts Symposium! We had over 200 people on site taking classes and sharing their knowledge with new learners. Our Canton is extremely proud of the event and we look forward to being able to attend the next KWFAS as visitors! If you are interested in putting in a bid for the next KWFAS, please contact the Society Minister of Arts & Sciences. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about running this event, but know that it was a blast all around!

November 11-12th, 2016
Oakwood Road Community Center
2400 Oakwood Road
Ames, Iowa 50014

The populace of the Canton of Axed Root invite you to join us for the Inaugural Known World Fiber Arts Symposium. This Symposium will feature classes and workshops on all forms of medieval and Renaissance era fiber arts, including weaving, spinning, dyeing, knalbinding, and more.

This event is open to the public and we hope to meet many new friends. As a note, Society for Creative Anarchronism  events require participants to wear clothing that is an attempt at pre-1600 clothing. Our staff is happy to help ensure that anyone who would like to attend is able to do so! Please contact our Autocrat (Lead Event Organizer) gro.t1495824192oorde1495824192xa.sa1495824192fwk@t1495824192arcot1495824192ua1495824192 for help.

The Canton of Axed Root is a chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism  (SCA) based in Ames, Iowa. Axed Root is a part of the Barony of Coeur d’Ennui  within the Kingdom of Calontir . The SCA is an educational, non-profit organization dedicated to the research and recreation of the historical arts and skills of the Middle Ages and Renaissance eras.

Download our KWFAS Site Book today!

News and Announcements

  • 11/15/16: We have begun to receive Class Handouts from the instructors. As they are sent in, we will post them on the Classes Page under the class’ description. If there is not a link to a handout in the notes section of the description, we have not received the handout for that class.
  • 11/13/16: Thank you to everyone who showed up and helped to make the First Known World Fiber Arts Symposium a great success!  We had over 200 people on site and a great complement of classes and instructors!
  • 11/12/16: It’s Here! See you all at the Known World Fiber Arts Symposium! Download our KWFAS Site Book today!
  • 11/10/16: Updated Classes Page
  • 10/27/16: Added information on Fighting Opportunities on Site Information Page.
  • 10/9/16: Updated Schedule of Classes and Descriptions on Classes Page.
  • 9/21/16: Updated list of Classes added to Classes Page, Class Proposal Submission Form Closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted a class!
  • 9/9/16: Accepted Classes added to the Classes Page, New announcement added below.
  • 6/27/16: Autocrat Announcement added below.
  • 5/13/16: Class Proposal Submission Form added to Instructor Info Page.
  • 4/19/16: Hotel Group Block added to Lodging Page.
  • 3/9/16: Updated Site Fees to Event Registration per SCA Policy Changes.
  • 2/14/16: Event Flyer has been uploaded to this site, find the link in the menu to the left or here.
  • 1/16/16: Website Launch! WHEEEEEEE!

A Word from our Autocrats



We hope the summer has not left you too scorched to be thinking ahead to the Symposium. We wanted to bring a few things to your attention (this is a long one, but keep reading. We promise it’s worth your time!)

  1. Accepted classes have now been posted on the Classes page. Currently we have accepted 33 classes taught by instructors from ten kingdoms, but we still have room for a few more! There are a few holes in our curriculum, maybe you could be the one to help fill in. Below are a few ideas of classes we would love to see:
    1. More narrow band weaving: beginning tablet-weaving, “egyptian diagonals” tablet-weaving, brocade, pick-up inkle weaving, takadai weaving, patterning/design classes
    2. More Lace-making: needle lace, cut-lace, advanced bobbin lace, patterning/design and history classes
    3. More String Manipulation: Sprang, lucet, advanced kumihimo, tapestry weaving
    4. More Tools classes: needle-making, loom design, shuttle design, how to pick the right embroidery floss/ground cloth/weaving thread/fiber for your project
    5. More Classes on the Wacky aspects of the fiber arts!
    6. More Classes on whatever YOU are passionate about: If something you love isn’t on this list and doesn’t have a class, don’t despair! This list isn’t a limitation, it’s meant as inspiration! We’d welcome classes on doing fiber arts at demos or with children, history of arts, or other theory classes, too!
  2. Because we know you’ll be curious: A class schedule will be up containing all accepted classes in the beginning of October. This will give you approximately 1.5 months to plan your day at the symposium. Please note: If we fill all our classroom space before October, we’ll get the schedule up sooner – so submit classes! Talk your friends into submitting classes!
  3. Fiber Arts A&S Display! In the commons area, we will have a number of tables available to display a piece of your work.
    1. We ask that displays be limited to an approximately 1’x1’ section to allow the largest number of people to participate. Also, keep in mind that there may be displays behind yours so, if your item is taller than a few inches, be sure to get there early so that you get a spot in the second row.
    2. We will have 3×5 cards on which to write your name and any pertinent information, but consider leaving a stack of SCA business/contact cards. It will be a busy day and someone may not get the chance to track you down
    3. Space will be limited. Arrive early to ensure you have a spot.
  4. The list of merchants is up on the Merchant Info page. Bring your money!
    1. Note: All merchant spots are now full for the symposium. Thank you everyone for your interest!
  5. Do you have SCA Business Cards? If so, bring them along! The symposium is a great place to network, but you may find yourself in too big of a hurry to keep writing your contact information down.
    1. If you don’t have SCA Business cards (think normal business cards but which have your SCA name and contact information, plus perhaps your primary area(s) of interest) we encourage you to visit Vista Print, Staples, or any other office store to print some or make some of your own. (hint: we like the ones with mostly unprinted backs so you can write notes!)
  6. Reminder: There will be a Calontir-Style post-revel after site closes. Singing, Socializing, and general frivolity. Come see how the Calontiri unwind after an event!

If you can’t tell, we’re excited to be in the homestretch for the Symposium and we have lots of fun planned. Keep tuned over the next few weeks for our updates and pictures of what we’re up to prepping to see all of you!

Kristine Nic Taillier & Vincent de Vere, Autocrats/Event Stewards


Now that the laundry from 50 year is done we can move on to future events. I was able to harass many people from around the Known World about our Fiber Arts Symposium, and if you found your way here from the business cards, welcome. I know that many of the people I talked to commented about how it would be a heck of a drive to make it to our event in November, and we all understand that even though we call these events “Known World Symposium” it is actually more like a multi-kingdom/regional event. Having said that, it still looks like we have interest from rather far afield.

There also seems to be interest in the intersections between fiber arts and other areas of the Arts and Sciences. We are taking class submissions currently, but we have spoken to people who may offer connections between fiber arts and scribal activities, metal working and armoring . . the interconnections within our hobby are always fascinating.

Although we have several months before the final class list is published, we do hope to tempt people with some previews soon.

We will be posting additional updates as we move forward, but to state again . .

    • Hotel blocks are available (Lodging Page)
    • Class proposals are being accepted (Class Proposal Form)
    • There will be amazing people there doing very cool things.
    • If it fits into your schedule we sure hope to see you there.  Keep checking back here for more info.

Vincent – co-autocrat (but Kristine (the other co-autocrat) too because she was sitting behind me as I was typing this but she was busy weaving some garters so I just read it to her and she said it sounded ok)