Instructor Info

Our Class Scheduler and event staff are aiming for a wide variety of classes on all forms of fiber arts. With that in mind we are calling for interested instructors to submit classes they would be willing to teach. When we have received all of the submissions, our Class Coordinator will schedule classes and confirm with potential instructors. If you have any questions about this process or the classes themselves, please contact our Class Coordinator, Kristine nic Taillier, gro.t1498224935oorde1498224935xa.sa1498224935fwk@s1498224935essal1498224935c1498224935 . Class submissions are now being accepted via the form below.

All class sessions will be 55 minutes long with 5 minute breaks. If your class proposal needs more time than 55 minutes, there will be a designated “Lab Area” in the Commons Area. This shared area will be available for all instructors to provide Hands On training outside the main classroom time.

Class Proposal Submission Form

With over 60 hours of classes accepted, we have closed our Class Proposal Submissions Form. Thank you to everyone who has submitted a class proposal! To see our list of accepted classes, visit the Classes Page.

Class Handouts Information

As this is a Symposium, we are planning to make digital copies of class handouts available for at least three months following the event here on our Website. As soon as you have completed your class handouts, please send a PDF version of the handout to gro.t1498224935oorde1498224935xa.sa1498224935fwk@s1498224935tuodn1498224935ah1498224935 . Along with your handout PDFs, please fill out and send a copy of the SCA Creative Works Release Form. The Creative Works Release form is required by the SCA to allow our Webminister to publish your handouts on the website. If you have any questions about filling out the Creative Works Release form, please contact Lord Giovanni, our handouts coordinator at gro.t1498224935oorde1498224935xa.sa1498224935fwk@s1498224935tuodn1498224935ah1498224935 .

In addition to making the handouts available digitally, we have worked out a plan with the local Staples store here in Ames, Iowa. If you would like to have your class handouts delivered to your classroom, you can have them printed at Staples here in Ames. Lord Giovanni will pick up the order and have it delivered to your classroom for you to use on the day of the event. To take advantage of this option, please follow the instructions below to ensure a smooth pickup and delivery process:

  1. Visit Staples Print & Marketing Services website:
  2. At the top, click on the option for “Copies & Documents”, and choose “Copies & Presentations”, then “Copies”
  3. Pick “Color” or “Black & White” and choose “Design Now”
  4. Upload your files using the “Add Files” link in the upper left corner of the screen
    1. If you are having multiple documents printed, please don’t upload them all at once, add one to the Shopping Cart at a time. This will avoid having your documents printed as one single piece rather than individual orders.
  5. Choose the options for your prints on the left side of the screen
    1. As a suggestion, the 28lb paper is a bit heavier than a normal copy paper and will hold up nicer during the day of the Symposium.
    2. If your document is more than one page, we recommend the double-sided and stapling options.
  6. At the bottom of the list for Print Options is an option for “Special Instructions.” Please list the following information in this option:
    1. SCA Name
    2. Class Name for this Handout
    3. The following statement to allow Lord Giovanni (mka Kyle Solberg) to pick up your documents:
      “This is a class handout for the Known World Fiber Arts Symposium and may be picked up by Kyle Solberg.”
  7. When you have finished selecting options for this handout, choose “Add to Cart.” If you have more handouts to have printed, choose “Continue Shopping” from the Cart page and repeat this process.
  8. Once you have added all of your handouts to the Shopping Cart, choose “Checkout”
    1. You will have to create an account to checkout, but it’s fairly painless.
  9. Choose the option: “Pick-up in Store” and click on “Please select a pick-up location.”
    1. In the Store Locator, Search using the zipcode 50010 or using the Store Number 0802. The store address is 1333 Buckeye Road, Ames, Iowa 50010. Choose “Select this Store”
  10. Click “Checkout” and enter your credit card information to pay for the order.
    1. In order for Lord Giovanni to pickup and deliver your order, you must pay for the order with a credit card on the website. Any orders marked “Pay in Store” will remain at the store for you to pickup and pay for at the Store.
  11.  You will receive an email confirmation when the order is submitted. Please forward this to Lord Giovanni at gro.t1498224935oorde1498224935xa.sa1498224935fwk@s1498224935tuodn1498224935ah1498224935 to ensure he has a list of orders to pickup at Staples.
    1. All orders must be placed by Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, in order to guarantee their pickup and delivery. Orders placed after that date will be picked up if they are complete and ready to be picked up by the time Giovanni picks up the orders.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Lord Giovanni at gro.t1498224935oorde1498224935xa.sa1498224935fwk@s1498224935tuodn1498224935ah1498224935 . If you decide to have Business Cards printed at Staples as well, please let Lord Giovanni know. He will be glad to deliver those to the Troll Table for you as well!