Merchant Info

The following Merchants have asked for a table:

Snoods by Moniczka

by Moniczka 
Selling handmade snoods, snoodlets and pony snoods

Looms by Garrin

by Garrin
Selling looms

Going A Viking

by Brnjolf Brandrsmitr 
Selling nippers, shears, needle cases, bone/wood Nalbinding needles, kaftan clasps, and Rus hat tips

Blackwater Treasures

by Lasair nic Taillier 
Sellng Fibers and Fiber Arts supplies of all kinds

Thistlewood Manor

by Antonia Stefani
Selling handmade soaps and other sundries

Calontir Lampworker’s Guild

The members of the Calontir Lampworker’s Guild will be hosting a fundraiser table at the event to raise money to continue their Glass Tent at Lilies War each year!