Site Info

Address and Directions

Oakwood Road Church and Community Center
2400 Oakwood Road
Ames, Iowa 50014
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  • Take your best route to Exit 111B on I-35 outside of Ames, IA
  • Take I-35 Exit 111B onto US-30 West
  • Continue on US-30 West for 3.5mi to Exit 146 for South University Blvd
  • Exit onto South University Avenue keeping left at the fork of the Exit Ramp
  • Turn Left onto South University Blvd
  • Turn Right onto Oakwood Road; the site will be on the Left

Event Registration Information

  • Adult Registration* (18 and Older): $20
  • Adult Member Registration**: $15
  • Youth Registration (5-18): $10
  • Child Registration (Under 5): Free
  • Family Cap: $50

* Adult Registration is for attendees who are not Registered Members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).
** Adult Member Registration is for attendees who hold a current membership with the SCA. Membership provides a $5 discount on Registration Fees for Events. For information on how to obtain a SCA Membership, visit SCA Memberships .

Pre-Registrations will only be refunded if the request for a refund is submitted prior to October 11. If you would like to submit a pre-registration, please send them to the Autocrats at the address listed on the Contact Information page.

Site Rules

  • Site will be open for setup on Friday around 5:00pm.
  • Site Opens at 8:00am on Saturday.
  • Site Closes at 8:00pm
  • The site is a church/community center, this is discreetly wet.
  • While there are a good number of parking spots, please carpool if possible so we don’t overflow.

Food and Drink

On Site

The Calontir Fiber and Needle Guild will have coffee and breakfast selections available from Site Open-9:30am
The Shire of Heraldshill has offered to host a
n Inn. It will be run from 11am-1pm.

Lunch Inn Menu

  • Soups
    • Beef and barley
    • Cream of something veggie
  • Runza sandwiches
    • Beef
    • BBQ chicken
    • Taco
    • Vegetarian
  • Cheese /sausage plate
  • Boiled eggs
  • Fresh veggie/grape plate
  • Assorted sweets

We hope to have something available for everyone

Around Town

Ames, Iowa is a richly diverse town and gown area featuring cuisine ranging from authentic Italian to smokehouse BBQ and more. For a local classic, check out Hickory Park Restaurant’s award winning BBQ selections or Great Plains Sauce and Dough Co.’s thick crust pizza.

Aunt Maude’s
547 Main St | 515-233-4136
Casual Dining
Chocolaterie Stam
230 Main St | 515-232-0656
European Chocolates, Coffee
Della Viti
323 Main St | 515-232-0241
Wine, Beer, Cocktails
Dublin Bay Irish Pub and Grill
320 S 16th St | 515-956-3580
Irish, American, Beer, Whiskey
Dutch Oven Bakery
219 Duff Ave | 515-232-9244
Pastries, Rolls, Soups, Sandwiches
El Azteca
2727 Stange Rd | 515-292-9494
Fighting Burrito
117 Welch Ave | 515-292-2222
Burritos, Nachos, Tacos
Great Plains Sauce & Dough Co
129 Main St | 515-232-4263
Pizza, Sandwiches, Salads
Hickory Park Restaurant Co
1404 S Duff Ave | 515-232-8940
Hickory Smoked BBQ, Ice Cream
Jeff’s Pizza Shop
2402 Lincoln Way | 515-292-2321
Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches, Salads
Jimmy John’s
1310 S Duff Ave | 515-232-4567
Sandwiches, Salads
Mucky Duck Pub
3100 S Duff Ave | 515-598-5127
British, Beer
Olde Main Brewing Co
316 Main St | 515-232-0555
Locally Brewed Beer
PepperJax Grill
414 S Duff Ave | 515-232-2285
Pizza Pit
207 Welch Ave | 515-292-6600
Pizza, Chicken, Hot Sandwiches
Pizza Ranch
1404 Boston Ave | 515-232-1999
Pizza, Chicken, Salad
Szechuan House
3605 Lincoln Way | 515-292-7888
888 Chinese
809 Wheeler St #106 | 515-232-3366
+39 Italian Restaurant
2640 Stange Rd | 515-292-0039


Air Travel

The closest major airport to Ames is the Des Moines International Airport ( ) located roughly 45 miles south of Ames. Executive Express, a reservation-based shuttle service is available between the Ames area and the Des Moines Airport, for more information check out Executive Express’ website ( ).

Taxi/Uber Service

There is a traditional taxi company serving the local Ames area. In addition, the Uber service is active in the Ames area.

Social Networking Opportunities

This is a Symposium (noun: 1. a conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject. 2. a collection of essays or papers on a particular subject by a number of contributors. 3. a drinking party or convivial discussion, especially as held in ancient Greece after a banquet.). As such, we want to provide you with ample opportunity to socialize with others interested in your particular field of interest within the Fiber Arts.

The first of these opportunities is through our Facebook event page: Known World Fiber Arts Symposium on Facebook  . Please use this page to find others who are researching or testing our similar theories as to the origins of some mysterious process in the Fiber Arts, or some non-mysterious thing to do with weaving (which is still a mystery to non-weavers). The opportunities abound!

At the Symposium, there will also be ample opportunity to socialize and network with others. The commons area is a large hall which will have a number of tables reserved for displays of Arts & Sciences. Please bring a piece of your work to display.

  1. We ask that displays be limited to an approximately 1’x1’ section to allow the largest number of people to participate. Also, keep in mind that there may be displays behind yours so, if your item is taller than a few inches, be sure to get there early so that you get a spot in the second row.
  2. We will have 3×5 cards on which to write your name and any pertinent information, but consider leaving a stack of SCA business/contact cards. It will be a busy day and someone may not get the chance to track you down
  3. Space will be limited. Arrive early to ensure you have a spot.

Speaking of SCA Business cards, we do have a plan worked out with the local Staples store here in Ames, Iowa. If you have your Business Cards printed at the Store here, and pay for them online when you order, we will have a local member pickup your order and deliver them to site, where they will be waiting for you. To take advantage of this opportunity, please follow the instructions below. Instructors, please check out the Instructors Info page for a similar plan for class handouts.

  1. Visit Staples Print & Marketing Services website:
  2. Click “All Products” at the top of the page, then select “Business Cards”
  3. On the Business Cards page, select “Design Now”
  4. Choose from one of the designs Staples has to offer or Upload Your Own Design.
    1. If you choose to Browse Designs, make sure you use the “Filters” at the top of the template gallery for “Business Card Type” and click “Standard.” Other options will be produced and delivered to you at your home and will not be available for in-store production.
    2. If you choose to Upload Your Own Design, make sure your design has a bleed of .25″ built in or you may find some of your text/design cut off.
  5. Once you have chosen your design, select “Create Now” to be taken to the design page. Here you can add/edit text and add images such as your Arms or Device.
  6. When you have finished designing, select the “Continue” button in the upper right corner.
  7. Check the box affirming that you have checked your spelling and select “Continue.”
  8. Change the Delivery Method to “In-Store Pickup” and select your Stock, Finishing and Quantity options, then select “Add to Cart.”
  9. If you are planning to have other products made, select “Continue Shopping.” If you are finished, select “Continue to Checkout”
  10. You may sign in using your Staples Print & Marketing account or register for one to save your design for easy re-ordering in the future, or you may select “Continue as Guest”
  11. To select the proper store, search by zip code 50010. The correct store number is #802 and the store’s address is 1333 Buckeye Road. Select the store and “Continue.”
  12. Fill in your Contact Information and select “Continue.”
  13. Fill in your Billing Address and Credit Card Information and select “Complete Order.”
  14. You will receive an email confirmation of your order. Please forward this to gro.t1498224973oorde1498224973xa.sa1498224973fwk@s1498224973tuodn1498224973ah1498224973 in order for Lord Giovanni, our Handouts Coordinator, to know to grab your Business Cards. They will be available on site Friday evening during Set-up and Saturday morning, until you pick them up.
    1. In order for Lord Giovanni to guarantee that he will be able to pick up the order, it must be placed by Tuesday, November 8th, 2016. Any order placed after that time and sent to Lord Giovanni will be picked up if it is complete and ready when he arrives to pick up the other orders.

Fighting Opportunities

Pending weather, there will be space available outside for both Rattan and Cut & Thrust combat. For both forms of combat, there will be pickups available. For more information on Calontir’s marshal rules, please visit for Rattan and for Cut & Thrust.

  • Rattan Combat Marshal-In-Charge: Zachariah MacDonald
  • Cut & Thrust Combat Marshal-In-Charge: Gawin Kappler
    • Instructional time & Pick-ups all day with a bear pit tournament starting at 11:00 am and C&T melees starting at 2pm (assuming sufficient eligible fighters)